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Sarojini Nagar Market - One Stop Shopping Destination

At Sarojini Nagar Market you get the most fashionable clothes at reasonable prices. The open market of Sarojini Nagar has the export surplus garments and rejected export clothing at throwaway prices. That’s why items of the reputed brands are also available here in the market at affordable prices. However if you are anticipating changing or trial rooms while shopping from street side stores then you won’t get any. Besides use the art of haggling. Sarojini Nagar market is closed on Mondays. 

There are so many areas in the market like Babu Market, sweet shops and several houses which are the major attractions. Different shoe shops near the vicinity of market also catch your attention. The market has a Subzi mundi where you get freshest fruits as well as fresh vegetables.

How To Reach: -
Nearest Metro Station - Sarojni Nagar (Yellow Line)
Buses from all route are available.


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