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Lal Bangla - A Serene Monument

Lal Bangla, name give to a set of to mausoleums, lies barricaded, locked and overshadowed by the glossy posters inside the premises of famous Delhi Golf club. The good use of yellow and red sandstone in its construction is believed to be the reason for its name, mausoleums. It is among the prominent monument among other ten that dot golf greens. This monument was created around 1779-80. Architecture of the Lal bangla is very graceful and elegant. If you will notice the building walls then you will find different intricate designs. The mausoleum consists of square rooms and other four rooms which are built diagonally.

This monument is surrounded by lush foliage and trees. It is famous place for visitors who want to enjoy serene ambience and nice greenery. Ancient monument is located within the Delhi Golf Club premises. The power and wealth of Mughal Empire is definitely reflected in the building techniques, material also including the marble and decorative inlay work provided monumental feel to this structure, underscoring permanence of architecture and empire. Another feature of the Mughal architecture is canny use of the space. The structure definitely has a serene look

Address - Delhi Golf Club, Dr. Zaakir Hussain Marg, New Delhi-110018


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