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Lodhi Garden- Architectural Glory of An Era

Lodhi garden is sited beside India international centre. It is among those historical gardens are not only old but houses tombs of some great rulers. This beautiful garden is only 3 kilometres away from Humayun tomb. Lodhi garden has been redesigned during the year 1968 by JA Stein and Garrett Eckbo and that’s how it got its present shape.
When you are in Lodhi garden then you should also see Muhammad shah, 3rd leader of the Sikandar lodhi and Sayyid Dynasty. In the centre of the Lodhi garden you will find Bara Gumbad and Sheesh Gumbad. These architectural monuments talks about the glory of that era. The former comprises of large rubber constructed dome, three dome mosque and residence surrounding central courtyard that contains remains of water tank and on the other side of the Bara Gumbad lies sheesh Gumbad that has remains of an unidentified family.

Today this beautiful garden serves as the best jogger’s park in the city. Here you can find large variety of people in the morning. Some joggers and fitness freaks doing exercises in the middle of the lush green environment. There is no entry fee and timings are also good. You can enjoy picnic with your family and friends here.

How To Reach
Nearest Metro Station - Jor Bagh on Yellow Line.


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