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Qutub Minar- An Epitome of Brilliance

Qutub Minar is located in the Mehrauli area of Delhi, India. It was constructed by Qutbu l-Din Aibak, and was completed later on by his successor Iltutmish. 

Qutub Minar is made on Afghan architecture. Meaning of Qutub is pole of justice and because of this it is known as symbol of Islamic justice. It is tallest tower in Delhi having height of 73 meters (240 feet) and a diameter measuring 14.32 meters (47 feet) at the base and 2.75 meters (9 feet) at the peak. There are 379 steps (circular staircase) that lead to the top. The first three storeys are made of red sandstone while the fourth and fifth storeys are made of marble and sandstone. Each of the five storeys has beautiful carvings like the one on the tomb of Iltutmish.

There are inscriptions all round the tower and these inscriptions reveal that Iltutmish finised the tower. The structure of the wall is made as such that it widens from top to bottom, just to make the minar stronger. The first storey base has alternate angular and circular flutings while the second one is round. The third storey has angular flutings. The balconies projecting out heighten the beauty of the minar. The verses from the holy Quran are carved on sandstone walls of Qutub Minar. This monument serves the purpose of calling people for prayer in the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque. This is a tower of victory, a monument that signifies the might of Islam or a tower for keeping a check for defense.

Many natural conditions like earthquake weathered the minar but it is still standing with all the might owing to time to time renovation and reinstated and renovated by the respective rulers. Qutub Minar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an attraction for many tourists and a must visit place if you are visiting Delhi.

Address - Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030, India
How To Reach - 
Nearest Metro Station - Qutub Minar on Yellow Line.



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