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Review - Gulati Restaurant, Pandara Road

Gulati Restaurant has made a mark on the Delhi’s food map and is going to stay here for long. Whether it is a group of friends, family outing, ladies kitty party and an office party, Gulati remains the best choice for a rich and greasy Punjabi food.
Roghan Josh and Butter chicken are among the hot favorites here but do not forget to try Achari ghost also, mutter is delicious and tender. Vegetarians can choose fresh on the menu Hyderabadi Tikka masala, mouth watering mushrooms in spicy tomato gravy.
You well you will have to wait here for a table but the staff is always on its toes for the service and in a couple of minutes you will be seated. After your main course do try Kulfi here.

This restaurant has passed the quantity and quality test. Once you are here you will be satisfied with the friendly service and moderate ambiance which makes you feels comfortable at any point of time. If you are a food lover and a Delhi-ite and have never been to this superb place, then you are really missing something. Food here is fulfilling and authentic Indian food will turn on your mood completely.

Address - 6, Pandara Road, Pandara Market, New Delhi
Phone - 011 2338 8836
Hours - Open 24 hours


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