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Review - Rajouri Garden Main Market, New Delhi

Rajouri Garden is famous for great malls, expensive taste, and different eating joints and most importantly for its main market. It attracts young crowd and vibrant people doing shopping on streets. Nehru market and main market are the two important markets in Rajouri. They are the biggest and the most popular high street market in West Delhi. An exciting and healthy mix of the home grown domestic brands with some international brands makes for good buying experience. You will find a plethora of options particularly in women’s ethnic wear category that predominates when we talk about sheer number fashion outlets.

This area also includes different shopping malls. But the main market will impress you in anyway because it has different western style indoor shopping malls. Moreover this market is situated conveniently next to Rajouri Garden metro station. If you want to go for international brands then try City Square, Paradise mall, West Gate mall, TDI mall etc in the close vicinity of the main market. These malls are definitely technologically advanced and have superb parking space and great ambience.  If you want to explore these malls and main market then you should plan coming to Rajouri Garden any time soon.

How To Reach - 
Nearest Metro Station - Rajouri Garden Metro Station on Blue Line


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