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Agrasen Ki Baoli - A Haunted Relic

Agrasen Baoli is one of the ancient step wells or reservoirs in Delhi which consists of around 103 steps made up of red stones. Maharaja Agrasen during the Mahabharata period built this Baoli and later in the 14th century it was rebuilt by Agrawal community, during Tughlaq period. Agrasen Baoli is located on the Hailey Road in Delhi, in the close proximity of Jantar Mantar. Agrasen Baoli is a good blend of architecture with impressive designs created years ago. The stone walls here are dressed with some great inventive designs with series of arched structure and they still look beautiful. These let visitors to different alcoves and rooms which once were used as sites for the Puja or retreat. At present these rooms are considered as dangerous that’s why they are secured with gates and are a favorite dwelling place for pigeons.

The existence of evil and occurrence of supernatural activities is still controversial. The shrill and loud cries of bats definitely add up to evil reputation of Baoli and play an important role in increasing the eeriness inside a monument. Some even say that these haunted stories are just a myth whereas some actually witnessed these shocking stories. If you are in Delhi then you should visit this mystic architecture.

Address - Hailey Road, Near Connaught Place


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