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Dekho Dilli offers a one-stop city guide for Delhi and NCR. It offers with all essential information about Delhi, which one may be interested to learn. Be it about the tourism, food, hotels, accommodation, events, or anything else, the city guide has all information about New Delhi.

The official website of the city guide has posts in the form of articles, offering different information about Delhi. Information about the historical vestiges has also been added in these posts, which makes it all the more interesting for the viewers. 

It talks about the different places in Delhi where one can visit and guides the individuals through the means that they can avail in regard to their accommodation or transportation. 

The guide also offers with information on the different cultural and other events that take place in the city at different times of the year. The city guide has its presence on the social networking site – Facebook & Twitter as well. 

It can be said that the guide has worked effectively and is constantly working towards presenting the magic and mystery of Delhi in front of the world, through their city guide. All recent news about the city is also shared.

About Admins - 

The official website of DekhoDilli is managed by two major admin members – Ravi and Geetanjali, who are constantly focused on meeting the information needs of their audience, about Delhi and NCR. 

Ravi is originally from Bihar but is currently living in Delhi since 2009. He has done his bachelors & masters in information technology and is a digital marketing Professional. As for his personal likes, he has a liking for travelling and reading. He is very active on Twitter.

Geetanjali has been born and brought up in Delhi. She has done her graduation from the Delhi University and working as SAP professional in a IT company. For her hobbies, she likes traveling, shopping, reading and sharing thoughts.

The Admins want the city of Delhi to be covered at large through their city guide. They are making their best efforts to ensure that all essential information related to Delhi and NCR can be covered in their city guide. 

They are targeting more and more audience for the guide so that the city can be well known and understood by the people. Ravi and Geetanjali both have the urge to present the history of Delhi in front of the public as well. 

It is for this reason that the historical places, along with the new developments, are also presented in the guide. 

They understand the need for people to have guidance in order to know about all the places, the facilities, the new features of the city as well as the recent news and affairs, which therefore are all offered through the guide.

Ravi and Geetanjali are also directly communicating with their audience through social networking, which enables them to further build up their relationships with their audience. This also helps them to understand the information needs of the audience in a better manner, which they are focused on fulfilling through the city guide. 

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